What is iBeacon

I want to clarify that Beacon is not only bluetooth. iBeacon use both core location and core Bluetooth frameworks to communicate and to provide user’s enter and exits points to specific geographical region

iBeacon advertising packet structure

UUID (Universally Unique Identifier)

UUID contains 32 hexadecimal digits, split into 5 groups, separated by hyphens.
In reality, UUID is not unique but it’s very rare to have the same uuid in a confined space. You can setup UUID you want so by open Terminal and type uuidgen on the command line.

$ uuidgen

You receive a unique 128-bit value in an ASCII string that is punctuated by hyphens


Major and Minor values

Technically you do not have to assign these values at all, but it’s very useful in many scenarios like identifying, organizing,…

Above image is about a typical usage of iBeacon. There are many items with iBeacon in Store.
Major could define a sub-region within a larger region defined by
the UUID.
Minor could define a subdivision of region within a larger sub-region defined by the Major.
So when you touch your phone to an item, by reading the advertising package your phone can show information about that item.

Service (IOS 11)

Location Service

When an iOS device is in the open outdoors, it can clearly receive GPS signals from satellites then the more accurately your location can be determined.
If a device is indoors we get a lower accuracy. That is a big issue if you are in airport, shopping mall, … and all signposts in the languages you don’t know.

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